Benefits of the Conperio Index

  • access to unique data related to sickness absenteeism in Poland
  • analysis of the unemployment rate in individual regions of the country and its impact on sickness absenteeism
  • analysis of the impact of company’s location and type of industry on sickness absenteeism
  • sickness absenteeism characteristics by sex, age and employment period
  • showing optimum indicators of the employee’s profile ensuring low-level absenteeism

Benefits of Conperio Audit

  • receiving a detailed study illustrating sickness absenteeism in the company
  • providing HR departments with objective information on employee absenteeism in order to effectively reduce its level
  • acquiring unique data and correlations related to employee absenteeism in the company
  • avoiding losses caused by fraudulent sick leaves
  • elimination of the causes of lower attendance in the enterprise and identifying infringements
  • profiled document responding to the company’s needs enabling the HR department to efficiently manage the staff

Benefits of Conperio Control

  • reduction in sickness absenteeism rate
  • improvements to production capabilities
  • real savings
  • cooperation with the experienced specialists – we have analysed about 41000 employees from 40 companies throughout Poland
  • efficient identification of problems and effective implementation of changes
  • objectivity and impartiality in sick leaves inspection