Conperio Index

The Conperio Index, a nationwide index of sickness absenteeism, is a response to the demand of enterprises, which have not yet had a proper benchmark for their sickness absenteeism data. Our study is aimed to help companies analyse the problem of absence from work due to sickness and provide detailed statistical data on sick leaves in Poland.

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Our platform collects sick leaves data and analyses. Conperio Index covers more than 90 companies, regularly incorporating new entities operating throughout Poland, in industries such as automotive, heavy and light industry, food industry and metallurgy. Companies entering the Conperio Index survey remain anonymous in the reports, with our company guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data.

Conperio Index Description

The nationwide sickness absenteeism index contains, as the only one in the country, reliable absenteeism rates, calculated separately for each company based on the source data provided by them.

Possible links of information about absenteeism:

employees' age
employment period

company size
company location

type of business

Comparison of data from the Conperio Index allows to:
assess sick leaves duration
calculate average duration of absence from work due to sickness
indicate an optimum level of sickness absenteeism that the company should aim at Conperio Index helps reduce sickness absenteeism
Conperio Index helps reduce sickness absenteeism

Data contained in the Conperio Index are objective, which allows to compare them between different entities. What's more, the tool allows entrepreneurs to choose appropriate measures to effectively reduce sickness absenteeism.

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