What distinguishes us

Conperio is the only company on the Polish market that deals with sickness absenteeism investigation and comprehensive management. We provide professional and holistic research into the problem of fraudulent use of sick leaves in companies. We reduce unjustified employee absenteeism, and also offer an opportunity to increase the predictability of forecasts regarding staff recruitment.

Our control activities are distinguished primarily by ethics and professionalism:

  • We provide licences for our employees carrying out checks on medical certificates of incapacity for work. This allows to carry out checks in a professional manner without infringing personal privacy of the employee.
  • At the start of cooperation with a given company, its employees are informed about possible inspections.
  • In disputable issues, e.g. if the controller’s presence at the place of inspection is challenged, we are able to document our presence, the duration of the inspection and the situation found on the spot. This is possible because each stage of the inspection is documented in our proprietary application supervising the work of our controllers, which is associated with GPS monitoring systems.
  • Each of our controllers holds a confirmation from the work establishment of an employee who is to be checked, which is the employer’s permission for inspection.
  • Conperio employees are carefully selected experts who have analytical and psychological competences which allows them to provide fully professional services to each company.