We deal with

auditing, consulting and implementing comprehensive solutions to the problem of sickness absence throughout the country.

Conperio is the largest and most experienced consulting company on the Polish market in the field of sickness absence.

Absence Desktop

Conperio Absence Desktop – a new application for managing sickness absence in companies!

In order to effectively support entrepreneurs struggling in their companies with the problem of excessive sickness absence, we have designed a web application: Absence Desktop!


Conperio Audit

Conperio Audit is a personalized service consisting in a full analysis of the sickness absence in the company, taking into account micro and macroeconomic factors.


Conperio Trainings

Carried out by practitioners, on real case studies. Panels, workshops, ready-made solutions.


Conperio Control

Conperio Control is the most advanced and complex service to analyze the past and present absence situation in the company.


Conperio – sick leave control, absence audits, L4 simulations and trainings

Only in 2020 ZUS issued over 22.32 million sick leaves. It is estimated that over 30% of them were unjustified. Controlling sick leaves makes sure that the employee uses it for its intended purpose. It is a tool that allows the employer to quickly verify the sick leave of employees. The correctness control is carried out in a reliable and discreet manner.

With Conperio, you can also check if the inability to work in your company is more frequent than in other similar companies. What’s more, we can also simulate future sickness absence, so that you can plan the development of your company even better!