Conperio Audit is a personalized service consisting in a full analysis of the sickness absence in the company, taking into account micro and macroeconomic factors. Through the audit, we assess the specific situation of the employer, taking into account various types of factors, such as: average age of employees, rotation, specialization of production, etc. Conperio Audit is a comprehensive examination of the sickness absence of employees along with conclusions and proposals for corrective actions.

How do we conduct the audit?

  • interview with HR department
  • observation on the premises of the workplace
  • panel with employees
  • analysis of the results of general surveys and panel
  • identification of areas and causes of sickness absence based on numerical data and observations
  • map of absence processes taking into account departments and plant specifics
  • introduction of a secret employee
  • analysis of the employee recruitment and selection process
  • analysis of communication channels
  • assessment of personality types and employee engagement

Personalized audit effects

The audit is a tool for managing personnel policy in enterprises. In the course of this process, we perform a thorough analysis of data related to sickness absence in a given company. As a result of the audit, our client is equipped with unique knowledge for HR departments in the field of personnel management.

Ethical aspect

Employees of companies, who indicate the reasons for absence and have the opportunity to actively participate in changing the processes taking place in their workplace, actively participate in the collection of data.

We compare the information collected in the company with market data from other similar companies. Our audit is supplemented by suggestions of employees and our own conclusions, which we prepare on the basis of many years of research. The result of our work are suggestions and solutions optimizing the level of absence in the company.

Benefits of Conperio Audit

  • obtaining a detailed research showing the sickness absence in the company
  • providing HR departments with objective information about employee absence in order to effectively reduce their level, obtaining unique data and correlations related to employee absence in the company
  • minimizing losses caused by unfair L4 sick leaves
  • elimination of the causes of reduced attendance in the enterprise and defining the cases of violations
  • a profiled document that responds to the needs of the company, enabling the HR department efficient management of employees