Who we are

Conperio is the largest and most experienced consulting company on the Polish market in the field of sickness absence. Conperio deals with the audit, consulting and comprehensive management of the problem of sickness absence.

The company’s activities are carried out in a multi-faceted way – from the analysis of the initial situation at the employer and comparing it with other companies from the industry and/or region, through the examination of factors affecting the level of sickness absence, to field activities and the analysis of causes based on employees’ opinions and suggestions. The company’s mission is to provide employers with objective information about employee absences in order to reduce them effectively.

Our mission is to provide employers with objective information about employee absences in order to reduce them effectively. Since 2009, as the only company on the market, we have simultaneously been examining and comprehensively managing the absence of employees in enterprises.

Examining absence is a process that requires extensive knowledge in the fields of management, law and psychology. It is a complex procedure consisting of an assessment of the situation within the company and field research. We provide employers with objective information about employee absences in order to reduce them effectively. We meet the needs of the employer and its staff – that is why we conduct our activities on the basis of the company space, as well as we address employees directly and look for solutions at its root.

As the president of the company, I can guarantee that our activities are carried out on the basis of the highest and best ethical standards. The efficiency of our services is supported by hard data – we are able to help the company reduce sickness absence by up to 70%.

Mikołaj Zając

President of Conperio

Conperio is the only company on the Polish market dealing with assessment and comprehensive management of sickness absences. We ensure professional and holistic investigation of the problem of unfair use of sick leave in companies.

We reduce unjustified employee absence and also allow to increase the predictability of forecasts

What distinguishes us

Our activities in the field of conducting controls are distinguished primarily by ethics and professionalism:

  • We license our employees to conduct L4 sick leaves. Thanks to this, the controls are carried out in a professional manner and without violating the employee's privacy.
  • The commencement of cooperation with a given company is associated with informing its employees about possible controls.
  • In disputes, such as where the presence of the inspector at the place of control is contested, we are able to document our presence, the duration of the control and the situation found at the place of control. This is possible because each stage of the control is documented in our proprietary application supervising the work of our inspectors, which is linked to GPS monitoring systems.
  • Each of our inspectors has a confirmation from the inspected person's workplace, which constitutes the employer's permission to perform the control.
  • Conperio employees are carefully selected staff of experts who have analytical and psychological competences, which allows provision of a fully professional service for each company.

To whom do we direct our services

Conperio services are directed to business owners, human resources management departments and human resources and administration departments. We were trusted by companies from such industries as: heavy industry, light industry, automotive, food production, metallurgy, recycling. Our services are used by both large and smaller companies.

The aim of our activity is to reduce unfair L4 sick leaves in companies, but also to change the attitude of employees towards sick leave abuse. We want to create a space for constructive dialogue between the employer and the employee. We believe that mutual understanding and respect will contribute to building a healthier work environment.

The problem of unfair sickness absence is faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, where there is a small turnover of employees, but this problem is also faced by owners of large companies and corporations, where controlling hundreds or thousands of employees is an extremely difficult task.