Conperio Audit

Conperio Audit is a personalized service consisting in a full analysis of sickness absenteeism in a company, taking into account micro and macroeconomic factors. By means of auditing, we assess employer’s particular situation, taking into account various factors such as: employee average age, turnover, specialization of production, etc. Conperio Audit is a comprehensive investigation of absenteeism, with conclusions and proposals for corrective actions.

How do we conduct the audit?
interview with the HR department
observation at the workplace
panel with employees
compilation of results of a general survey and a panel
identification of areas of and reasons for sickness absenteeism based on numerical data and observations
the process map of absenteeism by departments and taking into account the company specificity
introduction of the "mystery employee" method
analysis of the staff recruitment and selection process
analysis of communication channels
study of personality types and employee involvement
presentation of audit results - conclusions and recommendations
Effects of the personalized audit

The audit is a tool for managing staff policy in enterprises. As part of the audit, we carry out an in-depth analysis of data related to sickness absenteeism in a given company.
As a result of the audit, our client is equipped with unique knowledge for HR departments in the field of staff management.

Ethical aspect

Company employees are actively involved in data collection: they indicate the reasons for absenteeism and may actively contribute to changing the processes taking place in their workplace.

We compare information collected in the company with market data from other similar enterprises. Our audit is supplemented with employee suggestions as well as our own conclusions developed based on the long-term research. The effect of our work are hints and solutions optimizing the level of absenteeism in the company.

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