Conperio to największa i najbardziej doświadczona
w problematyce absencji chorobowej firma doradcza
na polskim rynku, obejmująca swoimi działaniami cały kraj.

Who we are

Conperio is the largest and most experienced consulting firm on the Polish market in the field of sickness absenteeism. Our services are divided into three sectors: Conperio Index, Conperio Audit and Conperio Control. Conperio is involved in auditing, consulting and comprehensive management of sickness absenteeism.

What distinguishes us

Conperio is the only company on the Polish market that deals with sickness absenteeism investigation and comprehensive management. We provide professional and holistic research into the problem of fraudulent use of sick leaves in companies. We reduce unjustified employee absenteeism, but also offer an opportunity to increase the predictability of forecasts regarding staff recruitment.

To whom our services are offered

Conperio services are addressed to business owners, HR and administration departments. We have been trusted by companies from such industries as: heavy, light industry, automotive industry, food production, metallurgy, recycling. Both large and small enterprises use our services.